Internet Casino

Le nostre attività principali

Vendita dei Internet casinò pronti;
Sviluppo dell'Internet casinò chiave in mano;
Concessione di licenze per il business del gioco d'azzardo;
Consulenze gratuite in relazione all'atttività del gioco d'azzardo;
Supporto tecnico completo e gestione del casinò.

Options for cooperation
StarGame provides services in websites development and engineering. We can help you to set up your own casino. Creating a ready-to-operate online casino is a great opportunity to get a profitable gaming web portal and try on the role of a business owner. We offer several variants of mutually beneficial cooperation. There is no doubt you will find the most relevant one.
  • Do you have your own website? This is half the battle. Place our games on it. Interaction is made using our API . You will control all administrative services. In such a manner, you take deposits from players and pay wins on your website. Our games combined with your idea will result in creating a unique product with its own style. In this case the royalty is 10%. Further it can be reduced to 5% with turnover increasing.
  • If you don’t have your own website but you are creative, we can make a website for you. Besides, yu will get a registered domain. In such a manner, you become an owner of a website with a unique interface, where our games will be placed. Your clients will play on this site. In this case we do not take deposits or pay wins. You do it by yourself. You also make money withdrawal. We provide all necessary API. Our framework condition: the royalty is 10% of profit.
  • If brand building is as easy as pie for you, we can offer a ready-made business solution. Firstly, your website will be created with your individual design and your name. We will take into consideration all your desires developing the website. Secondly, you will be provided with our gaming license, and our payment systems will be used. Our company takes deposits from players and pays wins. All you need to do is to concentrate on marketing. In this case we pay the royalty in the amount of 25%. Under considerable increase of turnover and big steam of players it can be enhanced up to 40%.