Stargame Terminal

Supported devices

cash receiverr NV9 protocol SSP
cash receiverr NV10 protocol SSP
cash receiverr CashCode
dispenser Puloon LCDM-2000

Cash receiver installation:

Add the following block in setting.xml :

comport - port number the Cash receiver listens to

Cash receiver installation:

comport - port number the Cash receiver listens to, box1 and box2 - face value of notes receivable. it is required to put the notes in order of reduction of face value

The right way:

The wrong way:

Printer installation

printername full name of the printer as it is described in the system dpix dpiy - printer DPI by width and height (by changing parameters it is possible to scale the area of printing of ticket )

CASHOUT button activation

Supported devices

Cash receiver NV9 protocol SSP nv9ssp.dll
Cash receiver NV10 protocol SSP nv10ssp.dll
Cash receiver CashCode ccnet.dll
dispenser Puloon LCDM-2000 lcdm2000.dll
dispenser Puloon LCDM-1000 lcdm1000.dll

Cash receiver activation via admin panel

To enable cash receiver in a hall, log in to the admin panel using your account credentials, select a hall, open hall options page. In "Games settings" section, enable Validator option: