Booting the system from a flash drive

To boot the system from a flash drive you should begin with downloading a disc image.

There are two types of images: general (330 Mb) and complete (about 4.3 GB). The complete image differs from the general image as it contains all available games of the project that are already downloaded and ready for operation. The general image has the gaming client only, and each game will be downloaded from the Internet, when a player runs it.

Note that for recording the general image a flash drive with the capacity of 512 Mb is enough, and if you want to record the complete image, you need a flash drive with the capacity of not less than 8 GB.

So, to boot you need to perform the following steps:


Download the images. To do this, open the following pages in your browser:


Download a special application for recording images to a flash drive named Rufus. To do this, open the following page in your browser:


Run the downloaded application Rufus. You will see the following window:


Insert a flash drive into a USB port of your computer. When you do this, the application Rufus will immediately automatically detect the flash drive and display its name and its capacity:


Press the image of the CD. You should find and specify the previously downloaded disk image in the opened window:


Specify “ISO-image” as the image type:


When the disc image is selected, press “Start”.


When recording to the flash drive is complete, it is ready for operating. Then you should insert it into the PC or the laptop, which you want to boot the image on. The PC/laptop, where you want to boot the image, must be shut down, when you insert the flash drive. If you want to boot the image on the same PC/laptop, where you recorded the image, leave the flash drive in the USB port.


Then you should enter the BIOS on the target PC/laptop and change the boot priority. This is done as follows: when the computer is starting booting, and the screen is not enabled yet, you should repeatedly press DELETE on the keyboard. It should be done rapidly with 1-2 pressings a second. As a rule, on laptops you should press the F2 button instead of the DELETE button. Also, there are laptops that require pressing F8, DELETE or F10 instead of F2. All manufacturers in their own way define the button for entering the BIOS. Try different variants, if you did not manage to enter at the first attempt. As a result, the screen should display the BIOS settings instead of Windows booting. This also often looks different on computers from different manufacturers. For more information about booting from a flash drive you can read in the following articles:


When BIOS booting settings are customized, you should restart the computer. If it is successful, Linux OS with the gaming application window will be booted.