Bonus program

Deposit bonus
  • The bonus is offered after direct deposit to an account and agreement with the conditions of participation in the promotion.
  • The bonus can't be charged in the presence of an active bonus.
  • The bonus can be withdrawn, when it is turned over 35 times (a bet should be placed in the amount exceeding the amount of the bonus).
  • In case of early withdrawal of funds from an account before fulfillment of the conditions of the promotion, or if turnover of the bonus is not full, a player has an opportunity to take only half of his current balance.

A player made a deposit to his account in the amount of 150, confirmed his participation
in the promotion and got additional 150 as the bonus with wager х35.
Available for withdrawal: ( 150 + 150 )/2 = 150
Total: 300
For turnover there should be bets placed in the amount of: 35 * 150 = 5250
A player placed bets of 30 and won 500.
Available for withdrawal: (300 - 30 + 500 ) / 2 = 770 / 2 = 385
Total: 770
For the full turnover there should be more bets placed in the amount of : 5250 - 30 = 5220
The opportunity to withdraw half of the current balance at any time can be enabled or disabled in the control panel.

Cashback bonus
Dear players, the process of adding bonuses of your deposit has changed in our games. Unlike the system that worked before (when reaching the zero balance bonuses automatically passed into credits), now the bonus is credited after the drawing in the new game only - the player is invited to play the bonus game, where he can get from 4% to 50% from his initial deposit.

We hope that this will add an intrigue to the game and will make it more exciting and unpredictable. Regards, the Stargame development team.